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Netflix Happy Birthdays and a trip to London.

I suppose the main thing that has happened since my last little update was that I found myself heading down to London to attend a Netflix event. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am part of the #NetflixStreamTeam and this was a little welcome event for myself and the other bloggers on the team to meet each other and to meet the Netflix PR guys to discuss what’s in the pipeline over the next year or so. They had the top floor of a building all kitted out in branded merchandise, as well as the most beautiful, floral outside space too.

Netflix Happy Birthdays

The event itself was just gorgeous. We made terrariums with stickers from King Julien, iced biscuits to look like Puss in Boots and made our own bespoke perfumes (not entirely sure which show that related to but I did enjoy that one the most) and just generally had a bit of a natter. The overall theme was that yes, Netflix is a service which involves screen time and I know too much screen time is frowned upon but you can translate that into activities that get you away from the TV, using their favourite characters and the themes of certain shows.

Netflix Happy Birthdays

Using the TV is something I do every single day, I’m not going to pretend I don’t but you can try and turn it into more than just mindlessly staring at the TV screen. How about a family movie night? Apparently this is something which is very popular in the USA where they all sit down every Thursday, munch popcorn and watch a movie together. Or how about if you have tiny little ones still in the Peppa Pig phase, putting your wellies on and jumping in muddy puddles? It is certainly the weather for it right now…There are so many options. Isabelle is currently really into Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and so were going to buy some face paint at the weekend and have a go at making ourselves look like tigers. ¬†Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how that pans out, I’m not the most artistic of people so it is likely to end in disaster.

We learned lots of little tips and tricks to get the most out of Netflix but one of the most notable things for me was that Netflix now offer a ‘Happy Birthday’ feature in the Kids area. Some of the most popular shows such as My Little Pony, Beat Bugs, Lego Friends (and many others) can now actually sing happy birthday to your kid, you just need to search ‘birthday’ and you will gets loads of special birthday episodes to choose from.

Netflix Happy Birthdays

This is a feature that has only just been launched and basically part way through the episode they all stop, look at the audience and wish them a Happy Birthday. They don’t use your kids name, obviously, that would be a nightmare to try and set up, but I think it is such a sweet personalised touch that would totally blow my daughters tiny mind. Theres a little video if you click on the link here that gives you a little example of what I mean:

Today 26th September, is the most popular birthday in the UK apparently, so what a great day to launch this little nugget. It falls pretty much exactly nine months after the Christmas festivities so it certainly shows that there was a little too much ‘Netflix and chilling’ going on during the break between Christmas and New Year for a lot of people!

Let me know if you try out this feature and what your kids thought. My birthday is coming up so I’m going to see if Isabelle notices them saying happy birthday to me!


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