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Somehow, after only starting to rewatch the series a few short weeks ago, I have found myself on Season 6 of Gossip Girl. That my friends, is a lot of time spent watching those scandalous Upper East-Siders prancing about in designer shoes and sleeping with each other. I have actually barely turned my Sky Box on recently (other than to watch The Deuce – which you should absolutely go and check out), which is annoying when I am paying almost ¬£100 a month for it. In fact, that reminds me… I need to call them and delete some of the packages and reduce that monthly bill. It is absolutely insane.

Gossip Girl : Netflix UK

The reason I have barely used my pricey Sky TV subscription is indeed, Netflix. I feel like I am taking part in Operation Complete Netflix. I have hit the old Netflix subscription hard recently so I thought I would do a little update post on what I have been watching (and LOVING) this month.

Firstly, can we talk about The Sinner? It’s dark, it is full of mystery and intrigue and it blew my tiny mind. Jessica Biel stars as the main character, who (and I don’t think I need to SPOILER ALERT this as it is kinda the premise for the whole show) stabs a man on the beach to death, completely out of the blue. She claims not to have any idea who he is or why she did it. It really is completely gripping and full of twists and shock storylines that will leave you reeling. I heard a cheeky rumour that they are considering a second series, not quite sure how that would work but if it is as good as Series 1, I am here for that.

Sinner: Netflix UK

Next up, Godless. With an 8.5 on IMDb it made big promises, but let’s start with a little disclaimer here: I didn’t expect to love this. I don’t know why, but I kind of went into it half heartedly, I think I read something about it being worth a watch and so I mentioned it to my husband in an attempt to be cool and finally suggest a series that we could both watch and enjoy and the rest is history. He doesn’t usually trust my TV recommendations, considering I watch things like Jane the Virgin and Gossip Girl, he doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in my ability to watch anything without teen drama however he gave this a chance and he didn’t regret it. We both absolutely loved it. It is a pretty cliche Western, except the story is based around a town that is pretty much (except for a few stragglers) completely ran by women. It has a really strong cast, I absolutely LOVED Jeff Daniels in this show, I have never seen him play a character like this before and he was amazing. And of course I can’t not mention Michelle Dockery (from Downton Abbey) who is a complete badass and Jack O’Connell (originally of Skins fame who has become a pretty mega Hollywood actor) who plays a lead role and absolutely smashes it. It is most definitely one to add to your list.

Godless: Netflix UK

Now as it’s Christmas, we obviously need to mention a few favourites here. Love Actually has finally dropped on Netflix and the world is pretty happy about it. But of course the stand out Christmas film for Netflix has to be the now infamous A Christmas Prince. Twitter has blown up about this particular movie and for good reason. It is an absolute cheese fest, it has everything a Christmas film needs to make it a classic and I bloody loved it. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but pour yourself a Baileys ( I finally got my hands on the Baileys Almonde vegan version and it did not disappoint), grab the tub of chocolates and settle in for a wild ride. At one point there is an actual scene where she falls off a horse and nearly gets eaten by wolves. That’s all I’m saying.

There are also loads of Christmas content over on the Kids section too, Isabelle has really been enjoying Shrek The Halls and Arthur Christmas. In fact, it is really easy for them to find their festive favourites as it has a little Christmas Tree icon they can click which brings up all the festive films and episodes of their favourite shows for them to choose from. I have noticed that Miracle on 34th Street is on there too, which I am ridiculously excited about. It has always been my favourite Christmas film since I was a kid and I can’t wait to settle down on Christmas Eve and watch it with my family.


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**If you don’t already have Netflix, you should seriously consider it. All the information on how to join is above for you to check out if you’re interested. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team for 2017 but I have always been a massive Netflix fan and have had it for years, so I fully endorse it and love being a part of the team. I don’t get told what to write about or what to say, so all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


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