New Year, New Me? Or…not.

Happy New Year Guys

Rather than that ‘New Year, New Me’ rubbish, I am going to simply say Happy New Year to you all (albeit like two weeks later than everyone else on the internet). I hope this year to finally get off my ass and achieve a few things that have been on my list for a while. They won’t make me a ‘new me’, or even a ‘better me’. Simply, a different me. I don’t want to put pressure on myself to be a new person in 2018, I’m reasonably happy with the person that I was in 2017 to be honest, though I know I could use a little polishing up around the edges. Preferably the edges that are hanging over my jeans right now.

This is the issue. Do I just buy new jeans?

I feel like I am stuck somewhere in limbo land at the moment in regards to all the body image and self love movements that seem to be happening over on Instagram. I love that there are strong, fearless women promoting body acceptance, body confidence and normalising things that ARE normal, like stretch-marks and cellulite. However, I do think that there are times it can go just a smidgen too far and make those of us who know we do need to implement a few changes to be healthy, feel like perhaps instead we should just stay as we are?

I mean, I know that isn’t the intention. I only speak for myself here but sometimes I find myself like ‘Ok so maybe I should just embrace being this size and learn to dress for it and love it’. But then I give myself a talking to because I know that this I am just not healthy right now.

I think it’s all the pasta.

I know that I need to lose some timber. I mean, for goodness sake how many times have I said on my blog I am doing XYZ diet or exercise plan. Then failed at it. I’m not confident in the body I am in right now and I know I need to change it and it can be a worry to vocalise that because of all the ‘love your body as it is!’ stuff. I don’t want people to think that I think it is not ok to be curvy or bigger than a size 14 or whatever.

I think everyone has a ‘comfortable’ weight/size/shape that their body sits at. Whether you are healthy and happy at 8stone or 18stone, you know what suits you and your body. You know where you feel sexy and confident. You know where you are healthy enough to run for the bus yet still not feel guilty for a bit of a weekend wine or chocolate binge. Mine is about 2 stone away from where I am right now. I kinda thought that going vegan would mean the pounds would just melt away like the cheddar cheese I miss so much, but alas. I seem to just eat more pasta and potato and I think I may have actually got even bigger than I was before. Worlds most rubbish vegan or what?

New Year. New Me? Or not..?

My Plan:

I’m not going to put myself on a diet. I don’t like the idea of restricting myself just because it’s January. Not only that, but if I fail after a few days I will literally just give up for good and thats no use at all to me. So instead, I am staying the same old me, but my plan is just to cram in a bit more veg where I can, take a walk every day and try and do some yoga every week. If I manage to do yoga 5 times one week, fab. If I only manage it twice one week, that’s fine too.

I am just taking the pressure off. Trying to be a bit more mindful, calm and measured. So you won’t see a ‘new me’ this year, but you may see a slightly more chill one.

Or you might not.

Who knows?


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