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Office Tour: Copper, Bamboo and a few ‘shelfie’s’.

You know all of those ‘you-tubers made me buy it’ videos you see?

Well, I am exactly the same.

I have jumped wholeheartedly on the copper bandwagon.

I salivate at anything marble. I jump for joy when I see something in bamboo and I practically have shares in IKEA picture shelves.

As you may already know, we have recently moved into a new build property. One of the best things about a new build is how much of a bright, white clean slate they are.

We have a room in our house, downstairs which could be used as an office or a dining room (or a playroom if I was a good parent), we chose office.

Which is ironic considering I don’t have a job, but there you go.

We never intended for the office to be the first room we decorated but it has somehow turned out that way and we bloody love it. I have spent months creating Pinterest boards (hop on over and give me a follow here) and I had a clear vision in mind of what kind of thing I wanted and it has somehow turned out exactly right, which never normally happens as I usually fail to get my husband on board with my crazy schemes.

I think it is nearly finished, I have one blank wall which I need to fill, I’m just not sure what with yet, and I have a corner which would look simply magical with a nice little Next Home armchair like this in it.

So, here we go with the photos.

Office Tour: Bamboo, Copper, and a few Shelfies (featuring a lot of IKEA)


The desk I love, it is from Ikea you can find it here, I think it is actually supposed to be a table but I wanted something which was a reasonable size so I could also have paperwork out on it (you know, because I have so much paperwork).  They do a similar one which is a bit smaller with a little drawer which I have already decided I am going to buy to use as a dressing table.

I have become a little bit bamboo obsessed.

The copper lamp is also Ikea which you can find here, I think everyone ever in the history of the world has one. It is super cheap and YOUTUBE MADE ME BUY IT. That and the fact that it was only £12.

The Shelves (here and here), also Ikea (seeing a theme here?) as are the picture frames. I persuaded my long suffering husband to just leave me alone and although he thinks it is a bit ridiculous and namby pamby to just let me do the whole quote thing. I even managed to get a Harry Potter one in, although I probably should have put that the quote was by J.K.Rowling instead of Albus Dumbledore…

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

The chair is also Ikea, I didn’t want a wheely office chair because I drive myself insane fidgeting about on them, but I do eventually want to get a fluffy throw or something to put on it because Pinterest tells me I should. It also matches my curtains perfectly, which is just amazing.

On the other side of the room we have some gorgeous grey Next Home curtains, a table from Sass and Belle that I bought from Notonthehighstreet here and a half dead plant which I think is from B&Q many moons ago. The light is also Ikea (here) and I love it because you can have it as low as you like. It just the perfect height for me to walk underneath but my husband bangs his head on it (ridiculous as he fitted it himself) which means he mainly stays out of my office.

Again, I feel ridiculous having an office when I don’t have a job.

So there you have it, my almost finished office.

I think the copper/grey/bamboo thing is going to run throughout the whole house to be honest, I like a theme. The next room to be finished should be the lounge and so once that is done, a little tour of that will be up too.

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