One pan, low carb super healthy fry up. 

I’ve said this a million times, who knows if this time will be different but I’m dieting. Yep, again. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been right now and so I’m making an effort to eat better (not necessarily less) and move more.
So this morning I created the ultimate breakfast. It has ribbons of soft sweet potato, charred avocado, a cheeky slice of pancetta and it tastes like happiness. You can alter this recipe depending on what veg you have knocking around in the fridge but I used the below.


1 rasher of pancetta

1 handful of sliced mushrooms

A few halved cherry tomatoes

1/2 avocado, stone removed, sliced

1 egg

Chives, chilli flakes and salt and pepper to serve.


It really is as easy as chucking everything in a pan and cooking it all together. I started with my mushrooms and pancetta, added ribbons (just used a potato peeler) of sweet potato, slices of avocado  and the tomatoes after a couple of minutes and then let it cook on a medium heat for about 5 minutes. Don’t use a spoon, just shake the pan a few times to loosen everything up and then make a well in the veg and crack in your egg. Cover with foil and cook for a couple of minutes on a low heat (depending on how runny you want your yolks) and voila! All done! Tip onto a plate, sprinkle over your chives and chilli, season and even serve with a cheeky dollop of ketchup if you feel like it.

Super yum, super easy, barely any washing up. Pretty healthy too right? Great way to start a Friday before heading to the park with the offspring.

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