Operation Comeback.

When I met my husband, I was an events planner in the midst of travelling the world. I was 23, a lot skinnier and more tanned than I am now. I straightened or curled my hair, I had my nails done, I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without make up.

Fast forward 3 years and I am a state. I feel like 2 years post partum, I am well overdue a bit of an overhaul of my life.

And so Operation Comeback begins.

First things first, my brain. I signed on to an Open University course back in September  to clear the brain fog of having a sprog. It seems to be working. I have slightly more to offer in conversation than recounting the tale of the time I fished a poo out of my toddlers bath with my bare hands. The course I have signed up for is English Literature and Language, something I have always had a passion for. I am a complete book worm. I don’t quite know what my grand plan is yet, or what I am going to do with my degree when I get it, but it takes 6 years so I guess I have plenty of time to decide. I have also started driving lessons again, in the hope of passing by the end of summer. If I do, hubs has promised me a little automatic Yaris.


Next, my body. I have never been skinny, or even slim, but where I am now upsets me. I have a belly that is lined, wobbly and much bigger than it should be. SO. I have signed up for a Race for Life in July and my wonderful husband has bought me a treadmill (I know I am very lucky). I have so far done 1 whole day of the couch to 5k and it is safe to say I am not a runner, but I will keep going and hope that in time it will come.


Finally, my aesthetics (make up, clothes, nails, hair). I have bought a few fancy products, signed up for a monthly Birchbox delivery and got an ASOS unlimited free delivery pass. I will live in PJ’s no more. I will wear make up EVERY DAY. I will at least plait my fringe if I cant be arsed to style my hair.


WP_20160126_11_13_39_Pro (1).jpg

So from here on out, expect beauty hauls, clothes hauls, fitness posts (or lack thereof) and just a general attempt at more positivity.



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