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Our Easter Plans

Does anyone else get ‘The Fear’ when we start to get close to a school holiday?

I know that sounds awful, I don’t mean I don’t want to spend time with my daughter I just mean fear over how on earth I am going to entertain her for two weeks straight!

So, my plan is to try and have loads of fun stuff lined up for us to do, so that we don’t wake up each day and aimlessly potter around the house feeling sad.


We’re going with Isabelle’s cousins to visit a new trampoline park next week. We actually went to one of her friends birthday parties at one a few weeks ago and she loved it so we’re very excited.

This park in particular has not long been opened in Shrewsbury and we were offered free tickets in return for a review. So I will pop up our thoughts of the place next week once we have been.

I am a little concerned that my pelvic floor isn’t going to hold though… trampolines post childbirth (even if it is nearly 4 years post!) don’t always go together very well and I am definitely guilty of not doing my pelvic floor exercises often enough. In fact, to be honest I never even know if I am doing them correctly.

Luckily for me, Hartmann got in touch with me and asked me to have a look at their new video (and share it with you guys) on how to do the exercises correctly and to be honest, it has made things a lot clearer! I’m pretty sure that you are supposed to do them everyday in order to build up the muscles and I know they can be helpful in childbirth too.

In fact

…when I was pregnant I remember one mum telling me that she made an effort to do them every-time she stopped at a red light in her car which is a blooming brilliant idea in my opinion. If you don’t drive, maybe every time an ad break comes on when you’re watching TV in the evenings or something?

The general gist is that you pretty much just squeeze as though you are trying not to wee and make sure you aren’t clenching your thigh or stomach muscles so you know you are clenching the right areas.

The video is here if you are interested, it’s less than two minutes long and explains things really well.

Easter Egg Hunts

We are heading over to my Father in Law’s over the weekend and they generally always put on an egg hunt around the garden for the kids, which is always lovely.

I know that the National Trust work with Cadbury’s to do egg hunts at some of their more popular destinations too so I may even go and have a look at those.

National Trust Days Out

Speaking of National Trust, I plan on making the most of my membership over the next few weeks. We have one nearby where we go most days to walk the dog and I love getting out in the fresh air. I just wish the weather would improve so I don’t have to hose down the dog every time we get home.

National Trust Days Out


I have literally just got back from the nursery pick up where I was moaning to the fellow parents about my loathing of crafts. Yet every holiday there I am crafting away like a mad woman and hating every second of it.

I tend to head to Home Bargains and pick up a load of bits from there as it is super cheap. In particular, they have this Make Your Own Unicorn kit which Isabelle loves so I have picked up another of those for us to do together.

Pinterest is always a winner for craft activities too. I have a board pinned full of Easter Themes activities for us to do in case we have a rubbish weather day (likely!).


I cant even count the amount of times I have said I’m going to get fit and join a gym. It’s ridiculous. I have a gym membership I have been paying through the nose for which I haven’t been able to cancel as I was locked in for a year. Luckily it is finally up in June so I can get rid of that cost but I figure until then I am going to make the most of it and take the kid swimming next week.

It’s free, it’s perfect for rainy days and she loves to swim at the moment. She has been doing lessons for a few weeks now and is getting really good so it is probably a perfect opportunity to practise some of those skills.


What do you have planned over the holidays? I would love some more inspiration.






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