Parenting and being productive.

The title to this post is a complete oxymoron right.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I find it really tough to be productive with a toddler hanging off my legs.

Isabelle is going through a bit of a cuddly clingy stage, which is both adorable and lovely and frustrating all at the same time. I have googled and searched pinterest for tips and tricks and below is the most common advice I have found, and what I think of it.


Are you freaking kidding me? On a good day Isabelle gets up at 7am. On a bad day it is 6am. I have absolutely no intention of getting up any earlier than I absolutely have to. Not only that, but if I did get up before her I would most likely wake her up any way by showering or running the coffee machine or just walking around (light sleeper alert).


This I have found useful. My washing pile is obscene. For about 30 seconds on Saturday I actually saw the bottom of the basket…and then I walked around to my husbands side of the bed and about a weeks worth of clothes were round there waiting to be washed. Sigh. To stop my washing basket overflowing into piles in my bedroom I have figured out that I need to do at LEAST one load a day. This is much easier now the weather is better (but for how long I wonder?!). If I put the load on first thing in the morning as well, it will be good to be hung out to dry or put in the tumble dryer whilst Isabelle is napping at lunchtime. Bonus.


As per my previous post, I am really hoping this helps me get organised and be more productive. It will at the very least eliminate the half an hour I spend aimlessly opening and closing the fridge wondering what to make for every meal I hope. The online shopping aspect is awesome too, no one like dragging their toddler around a supermarket. It just isn’t worth it. Getting your shopping handily delivered to your front door whilst you are still in your pjs? Yes please!


This to me seems mental. Is it just my kid that tips out all of the bathwater onto the floor? How are you supposed to clean the bath whilst they are in it?? Nope. Don’t get this one. With the bathroom I find a quick wipe round of the sides every night, and chucking some bleach (or whatever you use – we use the Ecover toilet cleaner) down the toilet every night before bed keeps on top of it. I have also just purchased a dish mop. This wonderful invention keeps the cleaning fluid in the handle of the brush so it comes out via the sponge as you use it! I plan on filling it with bathroom cleaner and using it whilst I’M in the shower – much easier.


If my memory serves me, I think this is a Flylady tip. I understand the logic of this one, and it probably would work and make me more productive and able to get out of the front door. I just find it impossible. Where am I supposed to put my kid while I get dressed, do my hair and make up? An showering?! Impossible. If I leave her for even a second she is on the dining room table eating flowers, or drawing on the walls. My house is not ‘unsupervised toddler proof’ unfortunately. I have to get ready whilst she is napping, which is at lunchtime. Which means my morning is a bit of a write off. And for those of you who are no doubt rolling their eyes suggesting I just take her with my whilst I get ready, I cant as my husband works nights and she would wake him up wandering around upstairs whilst I’m sorting myself out.

Does anyone have any useful tips that can help!? Or am I destined to be in my pjs till lunchtime forever!?

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5 thoughts on “Parenting and being productive.

  1. Yes this is something I absolutely struggle with! And re those suggestions in your post:
    1. Absolutely agree with you – my toddler is an early bird too. This morning it was about 5 something. No thank you I am not getting up before that time.
    2. I find that it depends on what I have planned for the day – sometimes if I have a full day or an early appt, I can put a load on but then I forget to put it out or I put it out but don’t have time to bring it in, etc. I have 2 loads – one for kids and one for adults. I do the kids’ one every 1-2 days and adult’s one every 2 or 3 days..
    3. Yes I love online shopping and definitely need to meal plan more.
    4. I actually don’t bathe my son anymore in the tub cos he makes an absolute mess and sometimes falls over cos he keeps trying to jump around and climb in and out when I have told him not to. He is a stubborn kid. I find I clean the shower cubicle when I get showers to myself (which is like once a month?). Otherwise clean the bathroom when the kids are watching TV, better strategy.
    5. No I don’t get dressed first thing. Some days I think that I am doing awesome at like noon, then I realise I have puke in my hair, poo on my shirt and a boob hanging out or something. There are drag queens but I am a dag queen.

    But anyway, sorry no advice at this stage, just the fact that I’m on the same page as you!

      1. Sorry I realise that just turned into an essay! I get overenthusiastic when it’s something I can relate to! My elder boy is 2 yrs 8 months and the little one is 2 months old. I’m absolutely loving this parenting gig but it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life! As I’ve been told before, the days are long but the years are short..

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