Peppa: Saviour and destroyer of souls.

After a few days of pretty much watching it on repeat (not sure what this says about my parenting) I have to say I have a few issues.

1 – Why is Peppa such a spoilt, mean little piggy? She is NOT nice to her little brother George. She is rude, arrogant and just does whatever the hell she wants! That behaviour will certainly not be tolerated here.

2 – George is supposed to be 18months – 2 years old. Why is he NEVER supervised?? As I write this my daughter is 19 months old. You can’t go down the stairs alone, drink out of a normal glass or run around on a considerably steep hill alone. He seems very advanced for his age, maybe he has had to be since Mummy Pig is never watching him.

3- Mummy Pig really isn’t very nice to Daddy Pig. In fact, she is quite condescending. She has got into a mean habit of calling her dad (Grandpa Pig) every time Daddy Pig has a slight issue with anything. In fact, everyone is pretty mean to Daddy Pig. They body-shame him for his ‘big tummy’ in nearly every episode and I have even watched them tip water on his head whilst he slept. NOT OK.

4 – That being said… Daddy Pig is frightfully incompetent. If we are going to shame him for anything it really should be his inability to perform the simplest of tasks. He really is a complete idiot. He has fell in the duck pond about a million times. He always forgets the picnic, and cannot map read to save his life. Oh and the way he says ‘WHOOPA!’ every time he throws something (pancakes, balls, Mummy Pig when ballet dancing…) makes me want to claw my own face off.

5- Pedro Pony wear glasses right… but how do they stay up on his face? They sit below his ears? How? How?!?

6- Why is Emily the Elephant the same size as Rebecca Rabbit??

7- And I’m sure this is supposed to be a ‘joke’ but seriously, why does Miss Rabbit work everywhere? So far she…

Works at museum, as a Dental Nurse, Midwife, Shop Assistant, Library Assistant, Bus Driver, Ice-cream Seller, Ticket Seller at Potato City, duck land and the Museum,  Helicopter rescue person,  Fire fighter, Hot air balloon pilot, Shoe shop attendant, Train driver, Face painter, Ice rink skate hire person, Recycling centre person, and sells Christmas trees!

The tax man is welcome to her.

Now I know this show is for kids, but seriously, lets be honest the parents end up watching it too. It’s pretty much on repeat in this house at the moment. It is driving me CRACKERS.


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2 thoughts on “Peppa: Saviour and destroyer of souls.

  1. Oh god I hate peppa pig with a vengeance but my 2 year old is obsessed. All I hear all day long is ‘MOOOORE PEPPA PIIIIIG MUMMY!!!’ And I get called Mummy pig allllll the time, which I’m sure is meant as a compliment, but it’s kinda demoralising you know?

    1. I have just discovered ‘The Hive’ on Netflix. Now at least for 5 minutes at a time she will demand to watch ‘BEE MUMMY’. It is slightly more tolerable.

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