Potty Training. Will we ever leave the house again?

Isabelle is 2 and a half now, it’s probably about time, right?

I made a half hearted attempt a few months ago, which resulted in a defiant toddler refusing to sit on the potty and me cleaning up wee every few minutes and gave up. Then my friend who has a daughter the same age said that they were going to give it a go. Not wanting to look like a lazy lacklustre mother, I agreed to give it a go too. We decided that we would go to their house, strip them off, whack the heating on and just litter the house with potties. I stocked up on ‘incentives’ (edible bribes) and brought pizza for us adults for when we had lost the will to live.

After ten minutes of Isabelle refusing to come out of the living room because she wanted her nappy on, she finally seemed to accept that this time we were giving this potty training thing a real go. Guys, she SMASHED IT.

I was so unbelievably proud. Not ONE accident. I didn’t need to keep reminding her, she would just go and sit on the potty when she needed to, amazing.

At home, this is still happening. If I take her nappy off and get the potty out I am pretty confident that all will be fine, there will very rarely be an accident and she takes herself off to the potty when she needs to go.

Great. The problem is, pants.

She can’t pull her own pants up and down. How will we ever leave the house? We have completely cracked potty training when she has nothing on her bottom half, but as soon as I put pants on her it all seems to go out of the window.

For now I am still putting pull ups or nappies on her when we go out, but as we move house soon I would really like to have her fully potty trained so I can buy a new sofa without worrying about her shitting on it.

But how on earth do I do it? It’s one area of potty training I cant seem to find any information on? Not only will it be much more hygienic if she just puts some bloody pants on, but I wont have to spend hours of every day seeing her little bum in the most unladlylike positions as she practises weird toddler yoga on the sofa.

Do I have to take a potty out with me? Do I just have to keep reminding her and taking her back and forth to the toilet? Cause that sounds like a bloody nightmare?

For now, I will go back to scouring the internet for advice.



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