Rain, rain, go away… #LittleLoves

Where has the summer gone?! A few weeks ago we were cavorting about in dresses and sunglasses which lasted until the weekend just gone and now it’s back to wellies and raincoats.  Luckily we did manage to enjoy the sunshine while it was here with a few National Trust visits, but this week has mostly been drizzly. Isabelle came home from nursery singing ‘rain rain go away’ the other day so I can only presume I am not the only one feeling a bit miserable about the change in weather. Us Brits love to moan about the weather don’t we. Anyway, this week has been quite a good one. I feel like we haven’t actually done all that much but I’m feeling pretty positive and in quite high spirits, which can taint even the most mundane of daily activities into feeling like they are the best part of your week. So here we go, a round up of what this average mum has done this week.

#LittleLoves - Watched

Love Island is back my friends, finally. It is a cringe fest but I love it so much, it takes over my life for the whole summer and I get a bit obsessed. I’m already loving Marcel telling everyone he was in Blazing Squad every five minutes. Though, it does slightly depress me that some of the people on it are the same age as me and they look incredible and have this carefree life, whist I’m in my pyjamas with my toddlers dinner in my hair. One thing I have watched this week (whilst eating the most delicious Thai takeaway I have ever had might I add) was Hacksaw Ridge. That movie blew my tiny mind. It start Andrew Garfield as a guy who wants to join the army as a medic during WW2, but doesn’t want to bear arms as he is a devout Christian. Honestly, it was an emotional rollercoaster and it gave me all the feels. It is based on a true story too and the main guy is just the most incredible human being. Definitely watch it, you WILL cry – you’ve been warned.

#LittleLoves - Read

I actually picked up my Kindle this week and read some proper books, something I definitely don’t spend enough time doing. I read The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances and really enjoyed it. The author also wrote Bones of You which I will be downloading this week, as the reviews are amazing. I won’t give you any spoilers but The Girlfriend is about a mum who is very close to her adult son, but then he gets a girlfriend. The tagline is ‘She loves your son. She wants your life’ and it centres around wealth, the social class system and you spend the entire book wondering whether or not the mum is crazy and jealous or the girlfriend is psycho and gold-digging. A brilliant read.

Something else I read was The Handmaid’s Tale, because I have been watching the new series on 4OD. I am going to be controversial here and say something that I don’t often say. I prefer the screen version to the book version. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t enjoy the book too much. I found myself skipping bits and being a bit bored, but the TV show has me completely hooked. It is definitely worth a read if the dystopian genre interests you, as it is about a future world where women who can bear children are very hard to come by and end up being a commodity for the rich. I am only on Episode 2 of the TV series and it stars Elizabeth Moss (Peggy from Mad Men) and Alexis Bledil (Rory from Gilmore Girls). Maybe I love the TV show because I love Mad Men and Gilmore Girls… hmm.

One that Isabelle read this week was a copy of The Magic of my Name – a book by The Story Tailors.

They sent us this book in return for an honest review and here it is. The quality of the book is fantastic, the pictures are great and the moral of it is also wonderful.

You personalise the book to be either male of female and you tell them your name and hair colour then they send you the book which will explore all the letters of the Childs name and talk about qualities that begin with that letter. Isabelle got:

  • I – Intelligent
  • S – Sincere
  • A – Adorable
  • B – Bright
  • E – Enthusiastic
  • L – Lucky
  • L – Lovely
  • E – Energetic

Like I said, the moral of it is great and the overall look of the book is also lovely and high quality with hard backs and glossy pages but something about the wording and grammar isn’t quite right. I think it might be because the company are Spanish and that might cause the slight language barrier. Isabelle seems to love it though and asks for me to read it all the time and thats all that matters I suppose.


#LittleLoves - Wore

We received some more exciting post this week – a dress for Isabelle and some jeans for me from a clothing company called Me&I.

Me&I Toddler Dress


They release a new collection twice a year and all of their clothes are made sustainably in Portugal and Turkey. The company itself is Swedish and known for how blooming comfy the clothes and the funky prints and designs. I chose a dress for Isabelle in age 2-4 which might be the softest, stretchiest material I have ever felt. It is a little big on her as she is still very small for a 3 year old but she is rocking it as a maxi dress with sandals right now and it will last ages as I think it is supposed to be midi-mini length.  The jeans are fab too, I have ridiculously short legs so they are a tad long but I always turn my jeans up anyway and they fit perfectly. They feel really high quality and I predict they won’t experience that inner thigh chafing hole which so many of my cheap Primark jeans seem to succumb to #chubrubforlife. Sigh.

The only thing I have heard this week is the very high pitched whining from my almost 3 year old. We have been using our National Trust passes and visiting some gorgeous places but she is just never happy. If we’re inside, she wants to be outside. If were outside, she wants to be inside. This age is very testing and driving me a bit crazy if I’m honest.

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Croft Castle this week, though I noticed from these pictures that I have really chubbed up recently, so I need to lay off the carbs a little I think…

Porridge and Parenting - National Trust Croft Castle

Porridge and Parenting - Croft Castle - National Trust


#LittleLoves - MadeAll I ever seem to make is food and bad decisions. Yesterdays bad decision was trying to attempt a school run with my nieces and nephews. A 4 month old strapped to me, a 3 year old in each hand whilst chaperoning a 7 year old to school. It was absolute carnage. As for food, we have made some amazing food this week. It would be bad to take the credit as my husband is most definitely the better cook in our family but just look at these amazing dinners… nachos, pizza, balsamic roasted potatoes and we even accidentally made nuggets whilst messing around with tofu.

#LittleLoves - Made


#LittleLoves - And Lastly

I don’t want to dwell on all the horrible stuff that is going on in the UK at the moment. Manchester and London have experienced some horrific terror attacks and I don’t quite know how to process them or what to say. I wrote a post about how I plan on talking to Isabelle about it, she’s almost 3 so she doesn’t quite understand but she has seen some bits and pieces on the news and understands the concepts of good and bad and making decisions. It just scares me to think of what the world will look like when Isabelle is my age. Will terrorism be the norm?! I really hope not.

Let’s end on a positive and talk about the fact that I have just demolished 2 packets of bacon frazzle crisps in about 5 seconds. Did you know that (most varieties) are vegan?! Amazing. I might write a post on ‘foods you wouldn’t suspect were vegan’ because some of them are very surprising.





*This is a collaborative post. We received the clothing from Me&I in exchange for an honest review of the items. All opinions and thoughts are most definitely my own and I only work with brands I believe in.

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  1. Those jellies look so cute! Your food is making me hungry but I need to eat breakfast first :). I LOVE Hacksaw Ridge, such a wonderful movie, if only more people approached life in this way. I hope you’ve had a good week and thanks for joining in with #littleloves

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