Reasons Why I LOVE Autumn

It’s September now and that means it legit Autumn right? RIGHT? I am an Autumn girl through and through. I appreciate Summer don’t get me wrong but summer also brings about ‘the fear’ in me. Mainly because every single new year I tell myself I will be skinny for summer and I never am. So Summer just brings about regret and disappointment. I have the skin tone of your typical English Rose, white and freckly, and as such the sun and I are not best buds. I go red at the slightest hint of summer sun and so I either spend all of my summer sunburnt (no matter how much SPF I wear I still burn) or I have to sit in the shade. Autumn however, Autumn is my season. You still get that sun but not the heat. It isn’t quite a bright and hot. Sun coupled with a brisk, frosty morning is just the dream. I get to wear a leather jacket and sunglasses all at the same time. I get to wear my Chelsea boots. I can rock a berry lip and heavy eyeliner without fear of sweating it all over my face. I don’t spend 95% of my day applying powder because I’m so bloody shiny and sweaty. So, here are my top reasons why I LOVE Autumn:

Candles and Hygge

Candles probably fall under the category of hygge to be honest, but I love them so much I feel like they deserve their own special mention. I bloody love a scented candle. The more like something edible it smells, the more I love it. I love nothing more than hunkering down with a blanket, a nice smelling candle and a good book. I am one of those people that always has to sit with a blanket on their legs when they’re on the sofa and that makes for some pretty uncomfortable heat in the summer months. Hygge had a big moment last year and so you probably already know, but it is all about being cosy and content and that is exactly how I feel about the Autumn months. So light a candle, close the curtains and put Netflix on because things are about to get SNUGGLY. Autumn is my jam.

Speaking of jam…JAM

Does jam have to be fruit? I tried to do a seamless link there from my previous point but I don’t think it worked. By jam, I mean chutneys and apple butter and all things delicious in a jar. Last year I made apple butter in my slow cooker and it made my house smell divine. I’m also partial to an onion chutney. You don’t tend to eat those in summer. I suppose this category is all about food in general because I’m not really a salad fan and salads are the staple of summer. The staples of Autumn however are all things warm and stodgy. It’s time to dig out your slow cooker and get your ass over to Pinterest to find some recipes. Just all the comfort food. Make it all.


Can pumpkin have it’s own category? Course it can, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. September hits and people start putting pumpkin in everything and it makes me so happy. Autumn is the time to sign up to Abel and Cole and just buy all the varieties of squash, then roast the hell out of them. Onion squash is my favourite, it is deliciously sweet and makes an amazing pasta sauce. I am heading out this week to find myself a pumpkin spice latte, because it’s Autumn and that’s how I roll.

The Weather

I touched on this in my little opening statement but is there anything better than crunching through golden Autumn leaves?? No. No there is not. I love the fact that it is mostly still sunny (hello Indian summer) but not too hot. I’m not saying throw away your SPF but I tend to make it through Autumn without sunburn because the Autumn sun (unlike its summery sister) doesn’t hate me. I love the cold mornings. I love wearing boots and coats and scarves. I live in a very leafy part of the UK in Shropshire and I love watching the trees change from green to reds and yellows. I find myself actually getting out and about a bit more just because I enjoy going out for walks and collecting conkers and acorns with my daughter.

Speaking of Scarves… The Fashion

There I did it again, one of those seamless links from point to point. I love autumn fashion. Tan Chelsea boots, Joules wellies, leather (pleather – I’m vegan remember) jackets, tartan scarves and just all of the chunky knits. I am in my element. I am poised and waiting for payday so I can rush out and buy myself something in the colour mustard. That to me, is Autumn. I got a bit excited yesterday because it was the first of September and decided to wear my pleather jacket, luckily I didn’t dig out my scarf because it was still quite toasty. I also packed away all of my summer clothes (perhaps prematurely) to make space for all of the new clothes I’m going to buy and pretend I’ve had for ages to my husband.

Parenting is easier

It’s back to school time bitcheeeessss. Ok so my toddler isn’t at school just yet but she is back at nursery and good grief am I pleased about it. Not because I don’t love her (I do) but because it means routine. Kids thrive on routine. Also, all of our favourite places aren’t absolutely rammed with families trying to make the most of their summer and we can all just get back to normal without trying to cram a years worth of days out in to 6 weeks of summer holidays. Kids also tend to need darkness to sleep generally so this mama is pretty pleased about the nights drawing in too.

All the holidays

My birthday, Halloween, Bonfire Night and the big C that is Christmas. I love dressing my kid up in ridiculous outfits for Halloween, I figure I don’t have long left of being able to get away with it now she is three so I need to go all out this year. Bonfire night means toffee apples, fireworks and bonfires all of which are thoroughly enjoyable and ok so fair enough, Christmas isn’t exactly in Autumn but we do spend autumn fully on the countdown to it right? It’s when I start buying my presents and planning our adventures anyway.

So it is pretty clear to see what my favourite season is, however I did read a really amusing post by a fellow blogger, Tom from Diary of the Dad about why he hates Autumn which did have me nodding at points and so definitely go an check it out here, for fairness and all that.


Reasons why I LOVE Autumn

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  1. Thanks for the mention! You make a good point about back-to-school time – I can’t wait to get my lot back into a routine! I’ve got a birthday in autumn too but am creeping towards 40 so don’t look forward to it – maybe that’s why I’m so grumpy about the season! 😉

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