Review: Peppa Pig’s Surprise Live

We booked tickets for this show a few months back and today was the day that the Robinson family finally got to see Peppa Pig in the flesh. Kind of.

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With our daughter not being quite 2 yet, I wasn’t sure if she would sit all the way through this show, but nevertheless we headed out with her Peppa Pig backback, Peppa Pig shoes and a pocket full of dreams (ahem). The drive took us about an hour (we saw the show in Leicester’s De Montfort Hall and when we arrived it was absolute chaos. We had no idea prior to setting out that there would be a rugby match on and so parking was nigh on impossible. After driving around Leicester, getting further and further away from the hall and still unable to park we eventually decided that I would go into the show will Isabelle and my poor husband would come back and pick us up later. As we pulled into the drop off and disabled parking area, luckily the parking attendant took pity on us (already 15 minutes late for the show) and let us park in a disabled bay.

As we picked Isabelle up out of the car, we discovered she had leaked through her nappy and trousers and was currently weeing all over my husbands arm, and so we did a mad dash to the toilets to do an outfit and nappy change.

FINALLY we got into the theatre, and sods law our seats were at the far end of a long row of parents and toddlers. After the age old dilemma of passing arse or crotch first by these poor people, we got ourselves seated, 20 minutes into the show. My husband got his phone out to take a picture of our daughter’s ecstatic face and immediately got told off by a miserable dad sat behind us as we were ‘making it difficult to see the show’.

The show itself was ok, Mummy and Daddy pig are people in costume with giant heads whereas disappointingly Peppa, George and all of her friends were weird little puppets on a trolley, with people in black spandex behind them (not even attempting to hide) controlling their arms and head movements. Very weird.

There were plenty of singing and dancing to keep the kids occupied, lots of audience participation and a well timed mid show intermission for the all important toilet break half way through the 1 hour 30 minute show.

Mr/Detective Potato turned up, which Isabelle and all of the other littlies loved. However the woman who turned up selling £8 light up Peppe/George spinning fans was less welcome by all of the parents. We got conned into paying £8 for a stuffed Mr/Detective Potato toy too.


All in all, it was a good show. the kids loved it and it was nice to see Isabelle having a great time and joining in with all of the shouting and clapping.

Oh and somehow, we don’t know how or why as we don’t say it – our daughter learned to say ‘titty’ today. I’m sure you can imagine my pride.


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