Busy days.

Monday was a manic day for me and little Isabelle. I had arranged for us to meet up with a friend who has a daughter of the same age, who is as keen as I am when we meet up to wear them out as much as humanly possible, all in the hopes of that elusive 2 hour + nap that I have read about.

Despite the dismal British weather, we decided to head out to Rosliston Forestry Centre, which is fairly local to me. After all, it’s just water right? We had wellies, waterproofs and flasks full of caffeine. It was only £3 to park all day which was great, but my god the café was expensive. It cost nearly £20 for 2 coffees, 2 sandwiches and a portion of chips. Mental. We decided that we love it there though, lots of open space for the kids to run about without us helicopter parenting over them, a great park, nice walks (take a buggy if you have a lazy toddler like me), just remember to take a picnic so that you don’t end up forking out for an average sarnie in the café!


After a muddy fun filled morning, Isabelle and I headed home where I put her down for a nap. I then had a quick run around tidy up and then my dad turned up to take us / accompany us to soft play!

We decided to go to the softplay at Twycross Zoo, which I absolutely love. It’s really clean, has a baby, toddler and older kid area and the worlds best chocolate brownies. It is reasonably priced (about £3.50 for an under 3 I think) and when it’s not rammed you have no limitation on how long you can stay. You even have a view of the snow leopard through the big glass windown which is pretty amazing. My ONLY complaint is that it is a stone floor. Perhaps I am just really over protective, but there is padded floor underneath the soft play equipment which is great, but then pure stone floor right next to it where the adult seating is. My toddler is really clumsy and I just envision her stepping off the padded floor or slipping off it and cracking her head on that stone. It frightens me to death and means that I can’t sit down and just let her play, I end up hovering over her and shouting ‘WAIT!’ everytime she hurtles towards the seating area.

By the time we got home it was tea time and I was pretty knackered and very pleased to get her off to bed after her dinner and a bath, so that I could settle down and watch The Walking Dead!

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