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Slimming world as a vegan.

I haven’t really spoken about it much on here, because I’m really bad for starting this diet or that exercise plan and then giving up after like two weeks.

But I’ve joined Slimming World.

Vegan Slimming World
The slimming world staple – a humble jacket potato with beans. I used a ginormous sweet potato here – cause I’m greedy.

I joined back in April and I did really well to start with, but have been a bit crap over the last few weeks. I blame gin, to be honest. May has a lot of bank holidays and we’ve had some freakishly good weather recently. All of that means sitting outside in the garden with my husband, gin in hand.

Vegan Slimming World

Nevertheless, I have been eating some amazing meals.

Again, mainly due to my husband being around and him being a pretty incredible cook.

Vegan Slimming World.
Potatoes, sliced thinly and baked with frylight. Topped with mushrooms, carrot and spinach in a bit of Alpro cream and stock. A breakfast for the weekends.

Obviously I am still trying to follow a vegan diet as much as possible. I’m not perfect at it, I slip up occasionally and face plant cheese. But that’s ok, I try not to beat myself up about it.

We can all only do our best.

Slimming World is actually surprisingly good for vegans, as far as diets go.

Potatoes, dried pasta, fruit and veg are all pretty much free foods, so you can eat as much as you want of those. They actually recommend a third of every plate of food is ‘speed’ food (which is most fruit and veggies but check because there are a few mental things like avocados which are SUPER high syn value).

There are some annoying things.

Like… the aforementioned avocado using up almost all of your daily syn allowance. You get 15 ‘syns’ each day and everything considered a bit naughty has a syn value. The word syn also annoys me, even though research tells my it is short for synergy or something like that the word syn being used for foods that are limited irks me somewhat.

Vegan Slimming World
Quick and easy pasta with spinach and mushrooms.

You get an allowance each day for carby foods like bread (called your HEX B) and dairy foods like milk and cheese (called your HEX A). You can see on the app or in your book what is included in these allowances but annoyingly, none of the vegan cheeses are included in your ‘dairy’ allowance each day.

Most of the non dairy milks are included though, so I use mine mostly for Oatly Barista in my coffee (you get 200ml a day which I’ve worked out makes me around 3 coffees).

Vegan Slimming World
A vegan slimming world friendly BBQ is actually surprisingly easy and super tasty.

I will do another post on what I’m eating and things I’m finding good/bad. But this is just a post to fill you in. I do talk about it a bit of Instagram so I guess if you follow me over there you will already know that.

Vegan Slimming World
Tofu (free) on a BBQ is nothing short of phenomenal.


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