Some men buy flowers.

So my husband was in the bad books for being mean recently. Then 2 days later, just as I was about to tuck into my breakfast… a giant box arrived in the post with ‘NOT FOR EVERYONE’ written on the side. Obviously my curiosity was peaked and so I delved inside.

This was on the top:


Hubby was in bed after working nights, so I set about opening it.. having absolutely no idea what to expect.


It was bloody mental. I had to use a steak knife to get in it (thank you ‘crap wrap’). The things inside were absolutely insane, but made me laugh so much.

A fish guts pencil case, a neon pink light up elephants head, a stress ball, a long life milk phone charger and a slush cuppy.

Some men buy flowers, my man buys random shit I can never use that looks hideous and I love him for it.


Pink Pear Bear

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5 thoughts on “Some men buy flowers.

  1. Ahahahahaha!! Just brilliant! This is an epic gift box. Every time you see those random bits languishing on a shelf, you’ll smile! Thanks for linking up! #bigpinklink

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