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Soy Candles VS Paraffin Candles

In my quest to lead a more toxin free life (excluding wine… no one’s perfect) I am switching up all of the things I usually buy for things that are more sustainable/natural.

One thing in my home that I use quite a lot, but never really thought about before is candles.

I don’t know about you, but I am all about the ‘hygge’ inducing spirit of a nice candle, not only do I love the flickering light and warmth that they bring to my home but I never buy a candle that isn’t scented, because scented candles are just on a whole other level of amazing.

I love to put Isabelle to bed, tidy away the toys, light a candle and snuggle up watching Love Island with a cuppa (read: wine).

But do you know what is in most candles?

Petroleum, that’s what.

Most traditional candles are made of a material called paraffin, which is a petroleum by product and releases carcinogenic soot into the air when burned. Not ideal, I’m sure you will agree. Not only is the word ‘carcinogenic’ scary enough but the soot from regular candles can also apparently aggravate respiratory problems.

I actually remember reading something about babies being taken to the doctors a while ago with mysterious black residue up their nose, which turned out to be from candles being burned in the house! Crazy, I know.

I have never personally experienced anything like that, but in the interest of eliminating toxins I decided to do some research to see if there were any ‘safe’ candles. Because I need candles in my life, that’s for sure.Turns out soy wax is pretty good, as is beeswax but as a vegan I figured soy wax was probably the way to go for me.

Soy VS Paraffin candles

When you look at soy candles vs paraffin candles, soy candles are 100% natural unlike their paraffin counterparts since they are made from vegetable oil and are also biodegradable.

They don’t contribute to the C02 in our atmosphere like paraffin candles and better yet, they can be scented with essential oils, making them even better for the environment. They burn for longer and burn much more evenly too, meaning theres no waxy residue up the side of the jar. Overall, they just seem like a much better option for those looking to live a little ‘cleaner’.

When I went to the Blog On conference last month, I came across a brand called Mi Abode. Ran by a lovely lady called Mia, it is full of scandi designed pieces and the most gorgeous accessories and furniture. I must have walked past the stand about 8 times, just staring at all of the gorgeous grey and blush pink stuff, wanting all of it. She sells everything from blankets to storage bags, candles to jewellery and so her store was my first stop on my hunt for a soy wax candle.

Mia has sent me this one to review:

Mi Abode Soy Wax Candle

I’m never ever going to try and say it out loud, because I would embarrass myself but Skogspromenad means Forest Walk in English and it has the most fresh scent. I have had it on my desk all morning and it is so summery and refreshing, the scent payout is brilliant too. She has another two scent options available: Morgondagg which is Swedish for morning dew and Linnelakarn, Swedish for linen sheets. I imagine the linen sheets would be really nice in a bedroom for a nice clean scent. They come in two sizes too, small (£7.50 for 60g) and large (£16.50 for 220g).

It was packaged beautifully as well, I can’t not mention it. Delivered in a brown paper bag with string and then wrapped up in a white paper bag with more string, I’m a sucker for fancy packaging. It also came with a copy of the Mi Abode newsletter which I thought was a really nice touch!

Mi Abode Soy Wax Candle

I’m loving it so far, definitely go and check out Mia’s site (here) there’s loads of gorgeous stuff on there. I’ve put a few pictures below of my favourite bits and pieces, let me know what you think!

**This is a collaborative post, I received the candle in return for an honest review. As always reviews, are always my honest opinions.

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