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The Climate Crisis: eco swaps up to now.

Ah the bloody climate crisis.

That’s what I call it now, instead of climate change.


It’s a bit more accurate and makes you sit up and take notice a bit more I think.

I’ve started a thing, where everytime I run out of something I look for an eco friendly alternative and buy that instead.


This has seen me using Kit and Kin nappies so far this year since having the baby.

I like them, I mean the print on the bum is super cute and I like knowing that they will biodegrade.

We do keep having up the back poo explosions but I’m putting that down to the baby rather than the nappies themselves.

I get them on a subscription and they arrive every month, which is handy!


This was one that took me a while to be honest. I mean, what on Earth can replace clingfilm that is reuseable or biodegradable?

I’ve opted for a set of UK made Beeswax wraps.

Firstly, as they are UK made I feel pretty good about that. Less of a carbon footprint and supporting a small business.

Secondly, they come in the most gorgeous prints.

I got a set of four different sizes on Amazon and literally just opted for a set that I thought we’re reasonably priced.

You can get different sizes, different prints and all sorts.

Generally, as long as you wash them in cold water they should last you a year or so before you can check them in a compost bin to breakdown.

They mould to the shape of whatever you’re using them on (sandwiches, top of bowls in the fridge… All sorts) with the heat of your hands.

How clever is that?

Shower Gel

Again, another weird one for me because I just couldn’t get on board with going back to using soap.

I was just imagining the drying, distinctive soap smell of those horrible slimy little slithers we used to have by the sink at school when I was a kid.

But I got a nice smelling one from Ocado. Made in the UK, pink, has vanilla bean in it for exfoliation and smells amazing.

It actually makes the whole bathroom smell lovely, all the time.

I’ve also bought some little soap bags made from a loofah type material to keep the soap on which hangs from my shower like one of those plastic shower pouffe things (which I have now been able to throw away and will hopefully never have to buy again).

Dog Poo Bags

If you’re a responsible dog owner then you’re walking your dog and picking up their poo pretty much daily.

Each poo in a little plastic bag and then on the bin is not ideal is it. Especially when you consider how many dogs there are in the world.

I ordered a box of biodegradeable ones and they were actually cheaper than the ones I was using before!

I got them when they were only £2.50 on Amazon so keep your eye out for special deals on there if you look and find them a bit more expensive.

They’re lavender scented and my ONLY issue with them is that they don’t have handles to tie up. Which is a very minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

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