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The Knights Village at Warwick Castle

Last week, Isabelle and I drove to Warwick Castle and stayed over in one of the Knights Village lodges. First off let me just say, WOW. It was so much more than I expected. The drive there was traumatic, purely because I am a pretty terrible driver who usually avoid motorways and not only did I have to embrace the dreaded M6, it was also raining torrentially so I couldn’t see a thing. But we made it eventually.

Tiny Knights and Knights Village Review | Warwick Castle
We checked in at around 4pm and booked our slot for dinner at the earliest they had, which was 6pm. If the weather had been better, we would have spent the next few hours wandering around the grounds (as the castle shuts at 4), but it was hammering it down with rain and despite me trying to make wellie wearing and putting our coats on fun, Isabelle was having none of it so we abandoned that idea fairly quickly and headed to our little wooden house for a bit of TV and tablet time before dinner. The dinner and breakfast were both buffet style and really tasty, I’m not a meat eater so I didn’t experience the skillet of meat coming to the table but that does sound pretty fab and very medieval. There was plenty of choice at breakfast time with freshly baked pastries and a separate childrens menu at tea time too. I was pretty surprised to see that we were the only ones there at dinner time, I think because of the time of year and the weather they had plenty of vacancies and therefore that combined with the awful weather meant that we didn’t get to enjoy the activities like archery and falconry. That’s the downside of going away with toddlers isn’t it, once they go to bed in the evenings you’re kind of stuck in the room. But I read a book and spent a hell of a lot of time on social media so all was good.

Our home for the knight was a little semi detached wooden chalet. It was all very clean and very new looking, the attention to detail was incredible! They had really made an effort with the decor to make it feel ‘knightly’. There was even a shield and swords above the main double bed! You can easily sleep up to four people, there is a main double bed and then bunk beds and a pull out trundle in the kids room. The bathroom is gorgeous, a really fancy schmancy looking walk in shower/wet room type thing with snazzy toiletries to boot. There was a tv with Freeview which was handy for once the littlest was in bed and I had access to free wifi too.

I loved how when walking around the village, you are raised up on wooden catwalks, they are even anti slip so when your crazy toddler is sprinting ahead as they often do, you don’t have to worry. At night, there are little lights all along the catwalk too which looked just beautiful.

The stay was made even better by our ‘Tiny Knight’s experience, which meant that the morning after our stay, we met the princess from the castle in the banquet hall. From there, she took the children on a treasure hunt around the village, stopping off at little landmarks and features and finding rolled up scrolls/clues. We then headed back to the banquet hall where we painted our very own shield and listened to a story while it dried. It lasted just over an hour, the perfect time for toddlers who as we know can’t hold their attention for very long.

The scenery really is incredible, the grounds are beautiful and there was plenty to explore. We have annual passes so we didn’t feel the need to visit the castle itself (we only went a few weeks ago!) so we stuck to The Knights Village.

We headed home after this experience but you could follow this by heading to Warwick Castle through the priority entrance, which gives you a gorgeous walk through the grounds. I will post a few more pictures below such as the menu for the evening buffet but overall we loved our stay in The Knights Village and I would definitely recommend it!

Painting at Warwick Castle Tiny Knights

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3 thoughts on “The Knights Village at Warwick Castle

  1. That sounds great, I love the sound of the meat skillet. Shame about the rain, but it was probably nice being the quieter off season. I’m going to add this to my list of places to stay

    1. Definitely do, it was beautiful. Reminded me a little of center parcs in the way that you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere!

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