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Those Big Baby Buys

By ‘Big Baby Buys’ I just want to clarify that I don’t mean, stuff you have to get if you birth a giant baby. I just mean the expensive stuff, the big ticket items. The stuff that you spend ages researching because it’s so pricey you don’t want to get it wrong!

So we’re talking:

  • Pram/Pushchair/Travel System
  • Car Seat
  • Crib/Cot
  • Your Baby Bag
  • A chair/bouncer for baby

First off, let’s go into this completely transparently and say that I didn’t pay for my pushchair or my highchairs. Bon Avi (the brand I am about to talk to you about) sent me the pram free of charge in return for me reviewing it and giving you guys my honest opinion and Stokke did the same with the chairs. They aren’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or be shady about that and neither am I. They haven’t had any input in my content whatsoever other than asking me to talk about what I think.

So it makes sense to start with the pram right now we’ve mentioned it?

The Pram

Some of these pushchairs cost more than an actual car. It’s insane. As a first time mum I actually went to a load of baby shops like Mothercare and had a good push of the prams which I liked the most. I ended up with a Mothercare Orb that was roundabout £400 and I loved it.

This time, like I said earlier, I have been sent a My Bonavi pram to try out.

This comes in a bit pricier, but still an average price for one of the more mid range to high end prams out there. As with everything in life, you can get a budget pram and you can get a luxury pram. The prices will vary wildly but this pram is around £600 to buy new, but it comes with everything you need which can sometimes be a sticking point with other brands where you end up buying the stroller seat, the rain cover etc all separately.

Bonavi 2in1 Pushchair Review

And it’s a blooming beauty isn’t it?

I knew from the outset that I wanted grey and I NEEDED a tan leather look handle or accents. Because I’m basic. And I’m not sorry.

This clever 2 in 1 goes from lie flat pram to upright stroller, simply by replacing the top section where baby sits. So it’s going to last you from the newborn stages right up until your child is around 3. I’m not doing a full review here, because there will be a full review you can click on at a later date once I’ve actually had chance to use it. But it was a dream to put together, feels lovely quality so far and I CANNOT wait to try it out once baby arrives.

The Carseat

Ah the carseat. They’re a pricey little piece of kit too aren’t they?!

Last time we had a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and it was absolutely fine. As with everything else, I didn’t actually keep any baby bits so this baby is having to have everything from new which gave me an opportunity to try out some new brands. After watching and reading a few reviews I decided to go for the Cybex Cloud Q car seat.

I paid for this myself and got it in the sale from Mothercare. I think it was around £165. I went for this orange colour.

Cyber Cloud Q Car Seat
Photo taken direct from the website

Now the thing I LOVE about this carseat is that it lays flat. Not whilst in the car, obviously, but once you take it out it is so easy to do (a little stiff the first time though) and means that should your baby fall asleep in the car you can simply transfer them into the house or attach it to your pushchair with adaptors (which are easy to source and I got mine from My Bonavi) without waking them up.

Guidelines don’t recommend that babies sleep in car seats usually because they are all scrunched up and it can be dangerous for their breathing. HOWEVER car seats that can go flat are fine as there is no risk to baby. Always supervise them though, obviously. Being able to keep the baby in this will be a game changer, I’m sure.

I plan to buy the ISOFIX base to put this in the car eventually too and I think that is around £100.

The Crib/Cot

I actually really wanted a Snuzpod if I’m honest. I think it was the Instagram hype of the Snuzpod and Sleepyhead being the dream combination for getting your baby to sleep and I’ve got a smidge of FOMO that I have neither. They are just SO EXPENSIVE and my husband was a big no.

However, what I have gone for is a co-sleeper called the Babylo Cozi Sleeper in slate grey.

It is a co sleeper crib, meaning one side drops down and it can be attached to the side of your bed for that ‘in bed with you but not quite in your bed’ experience that babies seem to enjoy. I also am hopeful that it will make breastfeeding easier.

Babylo Cozi Sleeper
Images taken from

Now the mattress is a little firm and I am yet to find sheets that will fit it. But the hunt continues. I do like the style of the crib and it fits in well with my decor. Stay tuned for an update on how the baby actually sleeps in it.

I think I paid around £100 for it and I bought it from Amazon. The price on Amazon for this actually fluctuates quite a lot so keep your eye on it and if you see it drop below £100 then get it in your basket pronto!

The Baby Bag

This is a big deal for me. I know that sounds ridiculous since it is just a bag, but it is.

I dont like the baby bags that LOOK like a mum bag, you know? I want it to still fit in with my style, what I like to wear and how I like to dress. I want it to look like a fancy handbag, albeit one filled with nappies and bum cream.

So I went for the Babymel Grace changing bag in tan which I bought from Jo Jo Maman Bebe for £65.

Babymel Grace Changing Bag in Tan
Image taken from

I love it. The tan matches the handle of my pram. It looks classy and has all the little internal pockets I need as well as a changing mat. Perfect.

I am actually using it to take to the hospital when I give birth too for all of the baby’s things and finding it really roomy so far!

A Chair/Bouncer AKA somewhere to put your baby down!

This was a tricky one for me. I have a dog who is quite affectionate and so a standard bouncer which sits on the floor wasn’t going to cut it. The baby would be licked incessantly.

SO I was really pleased when Stokke offered to send me their world famous highchair with the newborn insert for me to try out and review. Again, like the pram I haven’t been told what to say or given guidance on what to post. I am simply to give my honest review.

We were lucky enough to be sent two chairs, one for Belle and one for the baby with the insert on.

Stokke Tripp Trapp with newborn insert

The newborn insert looks exactly like a bouncer chair or a car seat and it just attaches to the top of the highchair! Simple! It is nice and high which has the benefit of keeping the baby away from the dog and also keeping her up high at the table with us for things like meal times.

You can switch out the newborn insert for other attachments which turn it into a weaning friendly high chair and then when they are big enough, they simply use it as a height adjustable chair like Belle does now!

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. These are expensive. BUT, if you add up how much you would buy for a bouncer chair, a high chair and then booster seats to go on your normal dining room chairs it probably works out about the same. Plus, they can use this right into adult hood. This chair can easily follow Isabelle as she gets older and she could use it at her desk to do homework or at her vanity table. The seat and footrest are all height adjustable and like you can see from the picture, you can even get it engraved!

I think that’s it for the big bits. The only bits I can think of that I really need are small things like clothes, blankets, bedding etc. All stuff that can pretty much be bought in the shops during the January sales or Amazon Primed to be as and when!

I have decided not to get a baby monitor just yet, though they can be expensive and would probably be included on this list if I did get one. I just figured that the baby is sleeping with me for the first 6 months anyway so it seems a bit pointless. If I change my mind and decide I need one, they’re simple enough to pick up from the shops or online.

Let me know if you think I have forgotten anything! It is a minefield knowing what to buy. I have definitely been a lot more minimal with the stuff for this baby than I was with my first (where I needed EVERYTHING). It’s hard not to get swept up in seeing what everyone else has on Instagram and feeling like you need it for yourself. But I think the trick is to not go to overboard. Wait until baby arrives for some stuff and see what kind of temperament they have before potentially wasting your money.

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