Toddlers: Talking, Toileting, Tantrums and Teamwork

It seems like over the last two weeks, all of a sudden my baby grew up.

She can say LOADS of words that she couldn’t say this time last month, literally a couple of new words every day. It impresses me every single time. She still isn’t quite putting the words together yet to form sentences, but she is very clear about what she is trying to say most of the time. Yesterday she said ‘marmite’. Mind blown.

One of these new words is potty. I have had the potty in the living room just with her toys just to get her used to it. Every time she sits on it we go a bit mental, cheering and clapping and she has the biggest grin on her face. HOWEVER, she won’t sit on it unless it’s on her terms. If you ask her to, she will very clearly tell you ‘NO!’, but I will sometimes turn around to see her perched on it looking at me expectantly waiting for her fanfare. Bless her. She also tells me now when she needs her nappy changing, but am I supposed to wait until before she goes before potty training? I have no idea. I’ve never done this before and I think I am going to just let her lead the way. We spent a good 10 minutes looking at fancy pottys on Amazon earlier, which she was very enthusiastic about, so I may get her one along with a book and some Peppa Pig pants and just see what she wants to do!

We have also got into a really nice little routine of making a morning milkshake together. Since my little fusspot rejects almost all food lately, the only way I actually manage to get any sustenance into her these days is to blend it into a milkshake or smoothie.The recipe I use is here, and she is a fabulous little helper passing me the ‘nana’s’ (banana) and ‘egg’ (avocado!). She shouts ‘GO!’ at the top of her lungs to make the blender turn on and seems to really enjoy this little bit of time together in the kitchen!


After doing extensive amounts of research on her issues with food, I have taken the decision to just play it cool. I don’t react when she doesn’t eat, I figure as long as I keep offering delicious food she can easily pick at, then she will eat when she is hungry. I just offer the food, sit and eat my dinner at the same time making enthusiastic yummy noises, and then calmly remove her plate when she has had enough. I don’t want to turn mealtimes or food into an issue, if this is her asserting her independence or trying to control a situation then I don’t want to give her any indication that it is getting to me, so that it doesn’t become a battle later on. In short, I’m just hoping she will grow out of it. Although internally I am analysing every single morsel that passes her lips, and it is agonising to watch her barely eat anything each day. Luckily she still seems to be a healthy size and weight so I will keep plodding on for now.

On the more hilarious side of parenting – check out this mega tantrum we had 5 seconds before we needed to leave the house. Over NOTHING. Classic toddler behaviour.


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