Tricking a fussy toddler – chocolate mousse

Sweeping generalisation alert – All kids think chocolate is a special treat.Therefore what better way to trick healthiness into them than via the medium of chocolate.

I LOVE this mousse. It is ridiculously yummy. Really easy and quick to make too – perfect right?


1 banana

1 avocado – shelled (not sure if that is the right term) and stone removed

2 tablespoons of cacao (or 4 of cocoa if you are using that instead)

A splash of milk – I use almond, but you could use any nut milk, coconut or even dairy milk

4 tablespoons of natural sweetener – I use honey or maple syrup. You could use agave or if you were feeling particularly virtuous you could add another banana and an extra splash of milk



Add to your food processor and blend until creamy. Make sure there are no bits of unblended avocado, the green will totally give the game away. Spoon into a little dish or I like to use a small tumbler, you know like a whisky glass. You can eat straight away or pop it in the fridge to eat later. I promise it is delicious and doesn’t taste remotely healthy.

Mum 2: Fussy todder 0

The battle continues.

My porridge and Isabelle’s mousse. A typical breakfast in our household.

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1 thought on “Tricking a fussy toddler – chocolate mousse

  1. […] she likes which is usually potato. I resorted to tricking her by hiding avocados in milkshakes, mousses and muffins (they are delicious and I will still be doing this but this shouldn’t be her […]

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