Turn ‘Blue Monday’ Around

I have woken up this morning and all I have seen is ‘IT’S BLUE MONDAY!’.

What does that even mean? Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year. Until I opened social media on my phone I didn’t even know. Turns out I feel pretty good today – so screw you Blue Monday.

How do they even decide on today being ‘the day’?

Apparently there is a mathematical formula that calculated that today should be miserable. Due to things like being skint, missing all the Christmas festivities, it being a Monday, the weather being a bit crap… yada yada yada. I feel like that mathematician should be focusing their effort elsewhere on something more productive.

Sounds like a load of nonsense to me. Ridiculous nonsense.

Real depression can’t be mathematically determined. Depression isn’t just waking up and having a shit day because it’s raining and you’re a bit skint.

So let’s turn it around.

Sod all this Blue Monday stuff. It’s all sensationalised. Let’s look at it logically.

First off, it’s Monday! A great day for a fresh start. A nice new page in your diary. Sit and have a look at what you’ve got going on this week. Work out what you actually need to do and make time for some fun stuff. Schedule in a coffee and a catch up with a good friend, or a trip out with your family/the kids at the weekend. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Turn Blue Monday Around

If you’re skint – don’t worry about it. Pay day will be coming up soon (I think most people have around a week left?!) so tighten your belt next month and get yourself back in a good place. Maybe use it as an opportunity to start thinking about next Christmas early. Maybe save a little bit every month from now until December to pay for presents or food so that you aren’t trying to over exert yourself all in one month.

Maybe kill two birds with one stone and suggest you and your friends or family go for a really good walk somewhere to catch up and spend time together- it’s free and good exercise.

I know I sound a bit blasé here.

‘Oh you’re skint?! Just go for a walk! Tighten your belt!’

That isn’t my intention for those people who are genuinely in a financial crisis and I’m not trying to trivialise it. If you are genuinely in a mess with your money I’m probably not the person to talk to as I don’t have any real advise except perhaps contact citizens advice and see what you can do if you have serious problems with debt or paying your bills. Never just ignore it and hope it will go away. People want to help you – it’s important to remember that.

I’m simply addressing the people that hit the ASOS sale a little hard and really went to town on the festive cocktails on New Years Eve. Although interestingly just as I typed this an email came through to me saying EAT are offering a free coffee with any purchase today, so maybe go and check that out. Everyone loves a freebie.

If you’re miserable about failing your New Year’s resolutions – it’s MONDAY people. You get to legitimately start over today. Reassess whatever resolution you made, was it a bit ambitious? Why not resolve to just take care of yourself instead? You can determine what that means to you.

Want some ideas?

  • It might mean eating better, cramming your body with loads of veg. Eat the same if you like, just chuck a handful of spinach in with every meal.
  • It might mean getting fresh air everyday or exercising every other day. Walk the dog, walk to school/work.
  • It might mean giving yourself 20 minutes every evening where you stand in front of the mirror and actually do some kind of skin care routine.
  • Perhaps you could resolve to do your pelvic floor exercises every time you stop at a red light.
  • How about – resolve to read one book a month. Th genre is up to you – but I’ve got Fearne Cottons ‘Calm’ on my list right now.
  • Take ten minutes every morning for a bit of mindfulness, or just go and stand in the garden with your coffee and breath in the peace.
  • Watch a documentary – learn about something new. It could be about food/health/money/foreign cultures – whatever you fancy!
  • Resolve to be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break – have a bath, use a bath bomb, spritz on your ‘fancy’ perfume on an average Monday.

That’s just stuff off the top of my head right now – the world is your oyster! It’s Monday!

Go forth and screw Blue Monday. Today is going to be a great day.

Turn Blue Monday Around


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