Vegan News Round Up – June 2017

I spend a hell of a lot of time searching for information on what is going on in the ‘vegan’ community, things like which restaurants are finally adding vegan options to their menus or which supermarket has started stocking my favourite dairy free milks. I thought it might be useful to do a little monthly ’round up’ of the news stories I have found, that I have found to be interesting and informative. So, what is the Vegan News for June 2017?

Vegan News Round Up - June 2017 - Porridge and Parenting

Innovations in vegan ‘leather’

Leather clothes and shoes are synonymous with quality, durability and luxury. Yes, we could go out and buy a ‘pleather’ jacket or a cheap pair of shoes but they will be just that, cheap. Innovations in what is known as vegan ‘leather’ are mean by 2025 the global market will be worth around $85 billion. You can find more information here but let’s just take a second to process that. $85 billion. That is crazy money. I can see things reaching a point where there is simply no need to buy animal based leather products, because the vegan alternatives are just as good. It is estimated to be 1/3 of the cost of animal leather to produce, which makes sense when you think about how much it must cost to raise a calf to be big enough to make leather from them. Hopefully this means that vegan leather products will be cheaper to buy, meaning more people will choose them over their leather alternatives. Footwear in particular, I mean I know firsthand how much of a nightmare it is to find reasonably priced, stylish and professional looking vegan friendly shoes for my husband to wear to work. We recently stumbled across a brand called Wills Vegan Shoes who will be featuring on the blog later in the month, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

I have mentioned before about how my husbands company car is leather clad and how we would love to have a more eco friendly car like the Tesla. Tesla offer a full vegan ‘leather’ interior so as with the fashion side of things, I really hope this becomes more ‘standard’ for cars to do. Hopefully innovations in the production of vegan leather will make this possible.

The holy grail of vegan burgers.

Please tell me you have heard of the ‘impossible burger’.

Vegan Impossible Burger

They have FINALLY made a vegan burger that looks, smells and tastes like an actual beef burger. I don’t just mean to vegans, I mean to your ‘average-joe’ meat eater. I have watched Youtube videos where people cannot tell the impossible burger apart from a normal beef burger. Apparently after studying the properties of meat they discovered that the molecule which makes meat taste all meaty (and is actually the stuff that makes blood red)  is something called HEME and they can actually find it in the humble soy bean. Yes the soy bean, the Swiss army knife of the vegan pantry, that crops up in everything from milks to chocolate puddings. It bleeds like meat, tastes like meat, sizzles on the grill and has that telltale texture that meat eaters crave. Amazingly, it is made using potato, coconut and a whole host of classic planty type ingredients that make it not only a taste sensation but entirely vegan and cruelty free.

Impossible Burger - Vegan News June 2017 Porridge and Parenting

A quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know about the impossible burger, but rest assured as soon as it makes its way to the UK I will be all over it and spamming you with information.

Pizza Express are answering our call!

They have had vegan pizza on the menu for a while, but can they really call it pizza when it doesn’t have any cheese on it?! I mean, that’s just tomato bread with veg on right? But finally, they are going to start offering vegan cheese on their pizza. About bloody time, because I love pizza. Having tried the Zizzi vegan pizza and having loved it, I will be carting my family down to my local Pizza Express to try it as soon as it is released (20th June 2017).

Guinness – believe it or not it wasn’t vegan before now?!

Apparently, they were using some kind of fish products to filter their Guinness before now, but they have stopped this (frankly quite gross) practise now and we can all sip on a little bit of iron rich happiness guilt free. My husband will be very pleased.

If you know of any other interesting news stories, please do let me know. I am hoping this will be a monthly feature but if anything crazy exciting happens I can’t wait a whole month to tell you about, I will probably write about it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so be sure to make sure you are following me on those platforms.



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2 thoughts on “Vegan News Round Up – June 2017

  1. This is probably a silly comment but here I go anyway. I totally respect people’s decision to not eat meat whether for health or cruelty reasons. But I can never ever understand why a non meat eater would be so keen to eat something that replicates meat? Either eat meat or don’t. Why eat pretend meat? Sorry for my ignorance but genuinely don’t understand why a vegan would want a ‘realistic’ burger?

    1. No need to apologise! I had this exact same conversation with my husband. For me personally I don’t eat meat for ethical reasons and because I wasn’t a big meat eater anyway. I don’t think I could eat a normal beef burger because I would find it hard to overlook the things I know about the industry to enjoy my food. If I could eat a burger which is plant based and ethical then I would because I enjoy how they taste. That being said, who knows if I would actually enjoy it once I’m eating it?! I will have to try it when it comes out. For me being a vegan is a bit more difficult because it is purely ethical and I do miss things like cheese and bacon etc.

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