Vegan Sandwich Ideas

Who doesn’t love a sandwich?

Being vegan doesn’t hinder your sandwich eating opportunities. Oh no my friend. It opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you’re a traditional type who misses the BLT, or you’re more adventurous and willing to get a little bit freaky.

I thought I would make a list of my favourite vegan sandwich ideas here for you. I won’t pretend I invented these recipes, I definitely didn’t. In fact, I have linked them all back to their original creator where possible. But I take full credit for curating this list. So there ya go. This post is full of clickable links that take you straight to the recipes. Have a look around some of the sites though, you might get inspiration for tonights dinner too.

Vegan Sandwich Ideas

The Classic BLT

The traditional uses bacon, which is obviously off limits. HOWEVER. Hold your horses because there are tasty substitutes you can use here.

  • Taifun Smoked Tofu. Slice this thin enough, pan fry it or grill it and it adds that ‘meaty’ smokey kick you’ve been waiting for. It’s about £3 ish from Ocado or Holland and Barratt I believe.
  • Carrot Bacon. I know this sounds weird but hear me out. You peel the carrot into really thin strips and then marinade it in a smokey dressing. This recipe here explains it pretty well but don’t write it off until you’ve tried it.
  • Theres an actual recipe for a vegan BLT here from Lazy Cat Kitchen if my witterings having explained it well enough. You’re welcome.

In terms of mayo, I like to use the Mr Organic Mayo which is available at most supermarkets nowadays. There are also a lot of own brand versions you can pick up in places like Tesco. Failing that, if you feel a bit spicy, check out the sriacha mayo that Aldi do. Or if you are a total time rich chef extraordinaire you could try to make your own. Here is a recipe to try.

A Thug Kitchen Sandwich

I’m giving this it’s own sandwich category here. Thug Kitchen is a website and set of cookbooks that I use and love for vegan meal ideas and recipes. They have a few sandwich recipes on their site that are well worth checking out. All vegan, all delicious. I will add a bit of a ‘they’re very sweary’ warning here though – they drop the old F Bomb ALOT. But I love them for it. Maybe don’t look at this with your kids reading over your shoulder.

Not a Sandwich

I’m heading into the realms of wraps, burritos, pittas etc here.

  • Sushi Sandwich anyone? Apparently it is called a ‘onigirazu’ and is like a cross between a sarnie and sushi. Obviously. Looks good though.
  • Veg packed, full of mediterranean flavours. This is a summer sandwich like no other. I recommend a fresh, proper ‘slice it yourself’ loaf of bread here for this recipe.
  • Tofu bánh mì
  • Jackfruit Gyros

This is a picture of the Pulled Jackfruit Gyros we made. So, so good. We added chips though, as you can see.

Vegan Sandwich Ideas

Keeping it Simple

In case this is just really out of the realms of what you were searching for. Here is a really basic list of stuff you can put in a sandwich that a vegan could/would eat.

  • All the salad. But don’t forget to butter your bread or it will be dry and depressing. You can buy dairy free butter in pretty much every supermarket. Don’t be caught out by Flora though that say plant powered on their normal butters that include dairy. Read the labels.
  • Tofu – but marinade it or buy one that already has a flavour on it. Plain tofu in a sandwich is just sad. You can eat tofu cold, but I recommend grilling it. Add salad and a dressing, easy.
  • Vegan cheese – Violife are killing it at the moment and offer loads of different varieties. Mozarella, a feta style one, parmesan, cheese spreads. You could just do a cheese, salad sarnie with this stuff and people would be happy. It melts too, in case you fancy a toastie.
  • Marmite – I bloody love it. Add vegan butter and cheese to get freaky.
  • Peanut butter, raspberries, dark chocolate – all panfried in a pan into a warm, toastie, gooey pile of goodness. Amazing for a weekend breakfast. Not so healthy though.
  • Wraps are such a good, easy alternatives for vegans. Load it up with salad, avocado, rice and something sauces like mayo or a dressing of some kind and you’re good to go. You can substitute a wrap for a pitta, a flatbread or just anything ‘bread-y’ really here.




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