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Venturing into Veganism – Why we chose to go vegan.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that my husband and I are venturing into veganism.

I say attempting, we have been fully vegan with our diet so far but my husband is still driving around in his leather interior company car so you know, we aren’t 100% doing it properly.

But like everything else in life, as wanky as the phrase might sound, it’s a journey isn’t it.

Just a warning before we start, I’m going to throw in a few pictures of my cute kid and our gorgeous environment into this post in an attempt to hold your attention and hammer my point home, because that’s just how I roll, so here we go.

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

For us, our first step towards considering a more sustainable lifestyle was based around climate change.

We just spent a week in Center Parcs (see gorgeous lake above).

We were walking around the forest when my husband starting telling me about some guy who made electric cars and solar panels and wanted to change the world.

The man is called Elon Musk and he has built a factory (the gigafactory) that produces enormous amounts of sustainable energy. So much so, that just 100 of these factories could power the whole world.

Take a second to consider that statistic, just 100 factories could power the entire world.

Granted, they were enormously expensive, but this guy was doing it all for little to no profit because he truly believed in doing whatever you can to make a difference and to live sustainably.

We talked about it a lot, I won’t pretend to understand everything my husband was telling me, a lot of it was about electric cars, but he got me thinking enough that when we got home, we decided to look more into living sustainably which led to us watching ‘Before the Flood’, the documentary made by Leonardo Di Caprio.

It was nothing short of harrowing.

Up until this point, I had buried my head in the sand. Obviously, I have heard the basic facts about climate change and all of that but I had never really listened.

Our pal Leo, travels the world making speeches, visiting multiple locations from deserts, to rainforests to polar ice caps. He sees devastation to land and animal and he unveils the mystery behind what climate change actually is and what it means. It isn’t just something that will affect our children’s children, it is something that is affecting us now that we don’t even know about.

Despite all of the information out there, would you believe that some high up government officials don’t even believe that climate change is real? They refuse to believe it is happening and as such do nothing to try and halt its progress.

How insane is that in todays day and age?

There are so many things that I took away from this documentary and I really want everyone to watch it but the main thing was that I wanted to do something. In order to make a difference it is suggested that we consider just three things:

1 – Where we get our power

2 – What we eat

3 – What we buy

My husband and I immediately solved number 1- Where we get our power.

We did some research and switched our gas and electricity to a company called Ecotricity. The pricing was pretty much exactly the same as our current provider and their customer service was great. All of their energy supplied is sustainable, which immediately made me feel a little better about my impact on the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I am far from an eco warrior but every little surely must make some kind of difference?

On to point 2, what we eat.

We made the decision to go vegan. Obviously, considering you have opened this post to read you already know this but I wanted to write down the why behind it.

We have done plenty of research into veganism since we made this decision which has strengthened our resolve. I’m not going to pretend it is easy, but for us certainly, we feel all the better for it both morally and in regards to our health.

Some of the stats were crazy.

In the United States, around 47% of land is used for the production of food, with 70% of that being used to grow feed for cattle while just 1% is used for crops for human consumption.

Beef is one of the most inefficient use of resources on the planet, according to research.

At the very least, a massive thing you could do for the environment would be to cut red meat from your diet. The methane produced by cattle alone, contributes to almost 12% of all greenhouse gases in the US.

As for point 3, what we buy, we haven’t really looked into this one yet.

We’re trying to approach it one step at a time. Moving forwards I will be writing about how we are finding it and what has been easy/hard so I will keep you updated.

I really hope nobody takes this as preachy.

It really isn’t intended to be, although I have to say I feel like I have a responsibility to spread the word. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s as if I have this knowledge that I didn’t have before and I wish I had, so I could have made changes sooner. I anticipate challenges ahead as our family attempts to go vegan, especially since we have a toddler who loves kinder eggs and ice cream.

But it is worth it so far.

If anyone has any recipes, questions or suggestions I would love to hear them.

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