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Warwick Castle: War of the Roses

As a Warwick Castle Blogger Ambassador, I was very excited to be able to go and stay over at the Knights Village with my family last weekend and check out their Live Action Warwick Castle War of the Roses extravaganza. We have stayed over before and really enjoyed it, but this time my husband got to come along too! We arrived on Saturday evening and headed straight for dinner before checking in. After dinner we went for a little walk around the Knights Village and as the weather was so gorgeous, there was loads going on!

It looked very different from the last time we visited, there were glamping tents up that weren’t there last time and it was very busy. Last time we went was mid week and so that would probably explain it, but I have to say, the glamping tents look amazing!¬†They had entertainment down by the river which was very popular amongst the guests, not just kids I might add, I’m pretty sure there was a hen party happening there and they seemed pretty pleased with the entertainment on offer too.

There were loads of people just sat out on the grass enjoying the view and the atmosphere. Isabelle (at 3) was perhaps a little too young to take part in the activities by herself but if you have children slightly older or there is a few of you with children it is a great opportunity to sit back and relax while they play and have a great time.

There were opportunities to try out some archery, jester school and you could sit and watch a sword fight between two knights too. They encouraged you to pledge your allegiance to one of the two houses (House Lancaster or House York) before they started and everyone got involved, cheering and booing.

That was just the start though, the next day we headed into the castle and the fun continued.

Warwick Castle War of the Roses

It was extremely busy, the lines were all the way around the car park and so I would encourage you to get there a little before opening time to enable you to park and not queue too long. I suppose during the summer holidays you expect things to be much busier though. Once you finally get into the castle though, the War of the Roses theme continues and they have actually got professional jousters putting on matches for you to watch. It really is incredible. Get the kids involved, buy them a sword and a helmet and it is a fantastic day out for the whole family.

Warwick Castle War of the Roses

We are massive Game of Thrones fans in this house so it felt like we were in a (albeit very tame) episode of the show, which was quite cool. Jousting, sword fighting and amazing special effects – it really was great. You really feel a part of the show too, you pick your side and go to the relevant side of the stands to cheer them on. You get a healthy dose of history from the little speech each of the knights does before their performance and the showmanship was fantastic.

All in all it was a fantastic few days away. We love Warwick Castle, there is so much to see and do and the history available there is amazing. One of my fellow Warwick Castle Blogger Ambassadors, Sarah Jane from Keeping Up with the Jones Family, filmed some of her experience there, the link to that is here and you should definitely go and check it out to get a feel for the experience.

The War of the Roses show is on at Warwick Castle until September and you can buy your tickets here.


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