We’re in! The big move to Shropshire.

We did it!  I haven’t written anything in a long time, but it has been chaos with the move and Christmas and still doing the whole parenting/keeping my toddler alive thing. We have been without internet since we moved in which has been a nightmare as well, I used up all of my mobile data and was basically unable to do anything for over a week because signal here is terrible so I couldn’t even call or text anyone over Christmas! It’s all done now though, we are in and we LOVE it.


It’s looking a little bare, we are sleeping on mattresses and have concrete floors in the lounge but we managed to get a Christmas tree and put it up in time for the big day and that’s the important thing right? I now have an office, which is amazing, and not only that but my husband totally spoilt me and bought me an iMac for Christmas! Uni work, life admin, blogging and generally dicking about wasting my life on the internet has got considerably slicker that’s for sure. Oh and he also bought me this:


I saw a really subtle, cute, rustic reindeer made out of logs which I dropped a lot of hints about getting to make our home look all countryfied and classic. He came home with a light up polar bear. Worst thing is, I know that he really tried, bless him. I kept it indoors. Isabelle thought we had some kind of winter wonderland in the office.

Speaking of the office, we have done a hell of a lot of shopping. We now have a desk, sofas, carpets are ordered and on their way. I am amazed at how much is nearby what I considered to be a sleepy little village. Only 15 minutes in the car and I can be at a big Tesco, a number of different retail parks and the centre of Telford which has a pretty good shopping centre! I even braved the boing day sales. I got up at 5am, clambered into Joe’s car (it heats up quicker and gets up the hills a little easier than the mum van) and set off towards our nearest Next Home, which was at a pretty massive retail park. I have to admit, I was sickeningly smug as I drove there, the roads were completely empty and I was even starting to worry that I had imagined that people actually get up at 5am to head to the sales. I thought I would get there, sit in the car for a while and then get out to be front of the queue for when it opened at 6am. I was a fool. I arrived and immediately clocked the hardcore shoppers with their tents and fold up chairs at the front of the queue. I parked at the other end of the car park as the bit near Next was completely full (not only that but I’m not the best at parking so I try and avoid other cars, especially when I am in Joe’s car), then I headed to the back of the queue. I was handed a ticket to tell me I was 494th in line to go inside and that it didn’t open for another twenty minutes Brilliant. I very nearly didn’t even bother picking my coat up as I left the house, I was so convinced I would be in and out. Good job I did though as it was absolutely baltic.

After 45 minutes in line I was finally allowed inside. I headed straight for the kitchenware, determined to bag myself some bargains. I’d had my eye on all of their copper kitchen accessories a few days previous. but unfortunately they were not in the sale and so I swiftly headed to the clothing section.

I came out about £150 lighter with two massive bags of stuff. I picked up a glass cake stand (I have wanted one for ages but considering it will probably stand empty most of the time I couldn’t justify a £25 price tag) for £9, two toilet roll holders for £6, a pair of slippers for the hubby who has hurt his delicate little feet on our concrete floors, a pair of suit trousers for him to wear to work, a jumper for myself and LOADS of stuff for my girl.

All in all, a good haul. Although, I bought a really cute polo neck jumper for Isabelle which looked lovely on the hanger, but kind of makes her look like an 80s throwback when she wears it. The jury is out on that one. Hoping it grows on me.

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