What is the ‘right’ age for Disney?

I have spent the last two years of this parenting gig laying some serious Disney loving foundations. It may have been a little young and possibly not quite Disney’s target age range but as soon as Baby TV had got too much and was making my ears bleed we began to watch the movies, sing the songs, buy the toys and dress her up as both the characters and in the clothes with those iconic mouse ears. But what is the ‘right’ age for Disney?

Is there a right age for Disney?

My daughter at 2.5 years old is most definitely a fan, the colours and music draw her in and she is at an age now where she is starting to understand the storylines a little more too. I know this, because I caught her sobbing at the end of one particular film because she thought one of the main characters was hurt. She wasn’t just a little sad, she was trembly lip and distraught hot tears kind of sad. It was both adorable and heartbreaking to watch from my perspective. Was she too young to be watching films showing such sadness? If you look back at some of the earlier films, there is actually quite a lot of violence if you really think about it. Nevertheless, they all have a happy message so does that make them ok for any age? Violence and death and sadness is a part of life so are we right to depict it in cartoon form for our children to understand, or avoid it altogether?

With Disney on the mind, we sat at the beginning of the year and thought about what we wanted to do this year in regards to a family holiday and obviously, Disneyland crossed my mind. It crossed my mind and then it reversed and stayed there for a considerable amount of time before it was deemed a little too much too soon. I’m seeing all of my favourite bloggers and vloggers jetting off to Disneyland at the moment and I am so jealous! But I have to keep reminding myself that my daughter still isn’t even 3 years old and if we wait just a couple more years it will be even more magical because not only can she do more when she is there, she will have those memories forever too.

To get my Disney fix we are going to see Disney on Ice next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I have already bought Isabelle a Disney outfit to wear, it is a gorgeous little leotard with a tutu and a little Mickey Mouse on it from H&M and it is just so cute.

Disney Dress from H&M

I haven’t told her we are going yet, she is still at that age where she has absolutely no concept of time and I can’t cope with explaining how far away it is for the next week and so I have decided to tell her the night before.

It is a particularly special event, because they are celebrating 100 Years of Magic this year and the show features not only all of the old classics we grew up with, but all of the newer characters beloved by our children too. With singalong and dancing involving the audience I just know it will be amazing. They are currently touring in the UK with shows in Cardiff from 5th April – 9th April and Birmingham 12th April – 16th April. It looks amazing, there are over 50 characters  and 14 stories to follow during the performance.

Disney On Ice


I am still waiting to go and see the new Live Action Beauty and the Beast, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet. I’m not sure if it is suitable for Isabelle or not to be honest, I have heard reviews that the wolves and the beast can be a little scary in parts so I may need to go and vet it myself first before taking her (any excuse to watch it twice).

What do you think is the ideal age for Disneyland? Have you taken your kids to see Beauty and the Beast yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.







Disclaimer: We have received free tickets to Disney on Ice in return for this post, however all words and opinions are my own. 

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