Which superhero do you have most in common with?

Parenting can feel like you need superpowers. The people you spend all day trying to protect regularly conspire against you and you spend your day being physically manhandled by bald little people with a selfish agenda. You are in constant contact with dangerous substances and you save the day time and time again with little recognition. Have a read below, which superhero have you had most in common with today? I think they are all amazing.


Captain America

You like to play by the rules. You lead by example and your meals are kale based, you have even been known to hide spinach in homemade chocolate milkshakes. You are always on the go and lead a very active lifestyle, taking your children out come rain or shine. You meticulously researched every aspect of child rearing and follow the NHS guidelines to the letter. You can leap over a lego filled floor with the best of them, without even breaking a sweat.

The Hulk

You are a shouty mum, but you get results. You start off all ‘Mary Poppins’ asking nicely and with low hushed tones, but on the 7th time of telling your children to put their ‘BLOODY SHOES ON’ you lose your shit and turn green (just joking about the green part). You regularly bust out of your clothes as they get too small too quickly. You try to hide the hulk side of you, revealing only your polite and ‘normal’ self in public, unless absolutely necessary.

Iron Man

You’re parenting is technology based, your 2 year old is a whizz with an iPad and you are all about ‘knowledge is power’. You are constantly looking for snazzy little gadgets to make parenting easier and you practically strut into soft-play. You always have a witty comeback and a clever remark to combat attitude from your children and on good days, you’ve got this parenting gig nailed.

The Black Widow

No-one knows anything of your former life, what you spent your time doing before you had children is a complete mystery. You wear black a lot (it’s slimming okay!) and you are a master at blending in and disguising your appearance. You are a master of interrogation and always manage to suss out exactly WHO put 5 rolls of toilet roll into the toilet and ate all the crisps.


You have ninja like reflexes that enable you to catch a juiced filled sip cup before it hits the floor and your children make you climb the walls with frustration. Your spidey sense has been honed to perfection and you can sense a toddler tantrum from a mile off. You have deceptive strength, honed from carrying a child on your hip and 6 shopping bags in the other hand whilst simultaneously opening the front door.


You wear massive pants. You have a death stare that could melt glass and are impervious to the foreign substances that get thrown your way on a daily basis. You see and hear EVERYTHING and often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You do however, always see the best in your little darlings and know that someday they could be something spectacular.


You are awake and functioning all night. You have loads of cool toys and an amazing ‘I SAID NOW!’ voice. Granted, you have been a little bit shit at child proofing your home and you end up rescuing your offspring fat too often but you do it in style. You might not be the superhero everyone wants, but you are the superhero they need.



I think I have rested somewhere between The Hulk and Ironman today, today hasn’t been a good one. We had a 3pm danger nap and a lot of whining and TV time while I tried to get over this cold/cough. Fingers crossed for a better one tomorrow.


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