Why am I tired all the time?

I wake up, I make coffee and I lie down on the sofa for five minutes (25 minutes if I’m being totally honest here).

Surely first thing in the morning I should be bouncing off the walls, ready to tackle the day? Granted, my 3 year old still wakes up once or twice during the night. But I go in, settle her and she goes straight back off to sleep these days. It’s a five minute interruption at best.

I don’t have a particularly stressful life.

I’m a mum and a wife and I do all the stuff associated with that. I blog as a hobby. I walk the dog, I take care of the house. I don’t lie awake every night stressed about work or money or anything like that.

I’m definitely sleeping.

I go up to bed at around 10pm, I get up anywhere between 6 and 7am. I don’t lie awake tossing and turning or struggling to fall asleep. So WHY am I so tired? Like all the time. Bone achingly tired? I average 8 hours per night I’d say. with maybe one or two 5 minute interruptions from my daughter. I just don’t get it. I wake up and I get up straight away and go downstairs, because I’m a mum and I have to. But once I’m downstairs my eyes are just so heavy.

Even after my coffee, after breakfast and the school run. I go home by myself and just want to sleep.

Why am I so tired all the time?

Is it my vegan diet I wonder?

Are there vitamins I’m not getting enough of? I just find it impossible to imagine they could have this much of an effect. Am I just lazy? I could lay my head down on the pillow at any time of day and be asleep within minutes.

Can you go to the doctors and just complain of being tired?

Will they even take it seriously? What can they even do?

These are some of the most common causes of tiredness, according to the NHS, which is pretty much my go to for every single symptom I have:

  • There are physical causes like sleep apnea, diabetes and being overweight or underweight
  • Psychological causes like anxiety and depression
  • Lifestyle causes including not drinking enough water, using your phone etc

So they have pretty much no idea then, is what I took from that information.

Yes I am overweight, yes I have anxiety and yes I probably don’t drink enough water. But I have been that way for ages and never felt this bone achingly exhausted before now?

So I’m trying something new.

I’m going to try and get 7.5 hours sleep per night for the next three nights. I’m going to go to bed early enough for me to set an alarm that wakes me up 7.5 hours from when I go to sleep, rather than letting Isabelle wake me up.

I am also going to try and drink a full bottle of water each night before I go up to bed, I’m going to read in bed for at least half an hour before I turn out the light and NOT pick up my phone during this time.

I have already increased the amount of exercise I do, what with my daily dog walks and yoga. I won’t drink coffee past 4pm and I will try and eat dinner early each evening too.

Let’s see how we get on.

I wil update you in three days time and let you know if I feel less like I want to faceplant my pillow each day.






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