It’s not always the kids.

I decided to have a quick 20 minute power nap whilst my toddler was napping. While I was sleeping, one of those charity bags came through the letterbox and this is what I woke up to.




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17 thoughts on “It’s not always the kids.

  1. That’s the cutest thing ever – look at that ‘sorry mum but I couldn’t help it’ look. We have 2 dogs and I sometimes forget that you need to be equally as watchful over them as sometimes they can be just as much trouble!

    1. Yikes. Looks like he’s waiting to see what you’ve got to say about it! I swear that our two cats are naughtier/messier than the kids – I’m always finding the kids play food in their waterbowl, little horrors! x

    1. Oh You would be surprised… sent my husband out to the shed/garage to get some stuff out of the tumble dryer. The fool left the garage door open and the tumble dryer door open and I found piles of pants all around my garden for weeks! Bloody dog. #wickedwednesday

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